Around each Dojo, there is a community and there are a number of ways you can get involved with CoderDojo, both on a local and organisational level.

For your local Dojo

  • Volunteer and mentor! Teach kids and help out with the running of the session.
  • Find volunteers, if you can’t yourself!
  • Donate old laptops, USB sticks, equipment and more.
  • Share resources, if you have access to cool things like Mac Labs that Dojo members coud avail of, please offer them.

In each case, please contact your local Dojo from this list! Find out their particular needs, get involved and build up an awesome Dojo!

Don’t have a local Dojo?

  • Be  a champion and set up one!
  • Offer space and resources to run a Dojo.

Check out our start up guide here and get in contact with us!

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