This is the project page for B.P. Robot being developed at Limerick Coderdojo.

We were inspired by the great work being done at Aesthetec Studio with Little Robot Friends and decided to design and build our own robots to react with sounds and LEDs to stimuli such as light and touch.

B.P. Robot will have Artificial Intelligence (AI) to show “emotions” such as happy, sad, lonely and will react to interaction through touch and light.

B.P. Robot will be prototyped using Arduino kits. We’ll also design custom PCBs with onboard Arduino IC (ATMEGA 328) for those who want to personalise their designs in a permanent way. Custom bodies can be designed and 3D printed for a very unique design.



Project Resources

B.P. Robot is Open Source. The Project Repository is located at:

This includes:

  • Source Code
  • Schematics
  • RSS Feed of news/updates
  • Wiki of Project Specifications, Documentation

Week 3 Project Resources:

In Week 3 we’ll add:

  • Touch Sensor (AKA Capacitive Proximity Sensor)

and program BP Robot to react to touch as required by our spec.


BP_bb BP_schem


Here’s the BLOG summarising the progress weekly.

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