Before you start with Arduino get the basics.

Instructables have a really good introduction to Arduino HERE.

In this video Massimo Banzi, Arduino co-founder tells you everything you need to know about electrical circuits to make sense of Arduino before you start.

Arduino is an open-source microcontroller development environment.

It’s used by developers, artists, geeks and techies to prototype and develop cool projects.

The types of project Ardiuno is very suited to are those that require inputs (such as buttons, accelerometers, or light sensors) and outputs (such as LEDs, Speakers or motors), with some Code in between to make the project work.

In Coderdojo Limerick we use Arduino experimenter kits from .

We also use the Kits ordered by Coderdojo Bray : SainSmart kits from Amazon.

Get the WINDOWS INSTALLER of the Arduino IDE (1.0.5).

Get the REQUIRED LIBRARIES for many of the projects. In Arduino (1.0.5) use : Sketch -> Import Library -> Add Library

NEW! Sparki


Sparki is a  pre-built Arduino robot (no assembly required) aimed at 9 to 18. Uses Arduino Code or Drag-and Drop programming. 

Sparki comes with Robotics Lessons already designed:

* Wall Avoidance
* Line Following
* Light following
And is capable of advanced robotics like:
* Maze Solving
* Shape Drawing
* PID Control
* Pathfinding algorithms

Ask in the Arduino section of you’d like to try it out.


NEW! Yún


“The Yún distinguishes itself from other Arduino boards in that it can communicate with the Linux distribution onboard, offering a powerful networked computer with the ease of Arduino. In addition to Linux commands like cURL, you can write your own shell and python scripts for robust interactions.”

Read more here.

Includes Temboo !

“The Arduino Yún comes loaded with the power of Temboo, making it simple to connect with a vast array of web-based resources and services.”

To GET STARTED with yun:

NEW! Esplora


The Esplora is an Arduino with all sensors and controls built on to a board shaped like a Game Controller.

It’s perfect for those who want to code and not wire up electronic components.


  • Multi-coloured LED
  • Piezo
  • Microphone
  • Potentiometer
  • Accelerometer
  • Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)
  • Joystick
  • 4 Button switches

Projects you can make:

  • Buzzer, LED, Temperature, Light projects (like Arduino but without Breadboarding)
  • Game Controller
  • Pong Game
  • Computer Mouse
  • Minecraft Controller
  • …….  whatever you can think of …..


Codebender is an Online Environment for Arduino that simplifies the setup enormously.

Recommended as great way to get up and running quickly (Works better in the Chrome browser).

ArduBlock : Blockly for Arduino

ArduBlock is based on Blockly: the” web-based, graphical programming editor. Users can drag blocks together to build an application. No typing required.”

How to install ArduBlock

New to Arduino ? **START HERE**

Instructables have a really good introduction to Arduino HERE.

If you’re getting started with Arduino start off with the How to Use projects below.

They introduce key concepts you’ll see again and again in the Beginner/Intermediate projects and lots of others.

How to Use…

  1. Getting Started with Arduino
  2. How to Program the Esplora
  3. How to make an LED Blink
  4. How to Play Tones Through a Speaker
  5. How to Make Arduino Play a Tune
  6. How to use and LED & Switch
  7. How to Use an LDR (Light Dependent Resistor)
  8. How to Use the RGB LED
  9. How to Use the LCD Module
  10. How to Use the IR Receiver IC
  11. How to Use the HC-SR04 Distance Sensor
  12. How to Use the ADXL335 Accelerometer
  13. How to Use the 4-Digit 7-Segment Display
  14. How to Send Data from Arduino to a PC
  15. How to add WiFi to your Arduino with the CC3000
  16. How to Use: 2.2″ 18-bit color TFT LCD display – ILI9340
  17. How to add Audio to Arduino with Adafruit Wave Shield
  18. How to Program the Yún (Bridge Library)

Suggested Projects

Once you’ve done the “How To Use..” Figure out how to do these projects with the help of your favourite Arduino mentor.

All of these projects are achievable using components freely available in Coderdojo Limerick:

  • Electronic Distance Meter : (HCSR04 Distance sensor + LCD or 7-Seg Display) : Display the distance to an object when a button is pressed.
  • Metronome : (Piezo + Potentiometer) : Keep musical time by emitting “clicks” at a regular interval. Vary the interval with a potentiometer.
  • Who Moved my Stuff ! : (Piezo + Tilt Switch) Add a tilt switch to an Arduino to Sound an Alarm whenever your Arduino is moved.
  • Make your Own MaKey MaKey : Make your own version of the MaKey MaKey using an Arduino + CapSense Library.
  • Rock Paper Scissors : (Esplora) Use an Esplora (or 2) to make a 2 player game of rock-paper-scissors. Use the Piezo Buzzer and LED to indicate when to “Play your hand” and indicate who won.
  • SCREAM:(Wave Shield + HCSR04 or IR Tx/Rx) : Use a distance sensor to detect a person in the area and play a SCREAM sound from the wave shield to scare them. OR ELSE : use a Tilt Switch or Accelerometer to SCREAM when the Arduino is moved.
  • Waves : (LOL Shield + Potentiometer/LDR) Make the LOL shield display a moving chart of the value from the Pot or LDR.
  • POV: Make a Persistence of Vision display. A row of 8 LEDs that can display a message as you swipe it across the air. Allow it to read the Message to Display from the Serial Monitor.
  • Quiz Game : (Esplora) : Use 2 Esploras to make a “who buzzed first” style quiz game : Add a Quiz in your fav programming language (Scratch, Python, C++, Java Script)
  • Reaction Timer : (7seg Display) : Make a reaction timer to time how quickly you can press a button after a random LED flash.
  • IR Vision : (IR LED + IR Rx ) Make an IR LED and IR Receiver work together to see if an obstacle is close by . Great for robots!
  • Game Controller : (Esplora) : Make an Esplora control your fav. game : Minecraft, Super Tux Cart etc.. For Minecraft use the slider sensor to choose which of the blocks to use.
  • Flight Simulator (Esplora) : Use the Accelerometer on Esplora to control the Flight Simulator in Google Earth via the PC Mouse
  • RaspberryPi Controller:  Use the Esplora as a controller for the Pi. Have it control your own PyGame.
  • Code Comm’s : (IR LED + IR Rx ) : Send messages between 2 arduinos. Type the message into the Serial Monitor and display it on the other Arduino’s Serial Monitor. Use IR LED + IR Receiver to make a link to send typed characters. Add an LCD shield to display the message.
  • Internet Clock: (Yún or Arduino + CC3000) : Read the network time from an Internet Time Service and display on an LCD or TFT display.
  • Game Boy : (Esplora + TFT Display) : Hook a TFT colour display up to your Esplora to make your own game boy. Make a game buoy by adding fish; have the fish scroll across the screen and have the diver dodge the fish. Use a similar idea to reproduce the classic Ski game SkiFree from Microsoft.
  • Who Moved my Stuff Twitter Version! : (Yún) Add a tilt switch to a Yun to send a Tweet on Twitter whenever your Yun is moved.
  • Electricity Meter : (Yún or Arduino+CC3000  + Current Transformer) : Measure your electricity usage and display it on a Web Page.
  • Picture Frame : ( Colour TFT) : Display your favourite picures from a Micro-SD card on a colour display. OR display pictures from Instagram or Flickr using the Yun.
  • Mini Me : ( Colour TFT + Wave Shield  + HCSR04 or IR Tx/Rx) Add a distance sensor to a TFT dsiplay/SD card  + Wave Shield. Make the Wave shield play a message (e.g. “HEY Sis’/Bro’ Leave my Clothes/iPad ALONE!”)  whilst  displaying an appropriate picture 😐 when someone walks by.
  • DataLogger : Connect sensors to a Yún and save the sensor data to the SD card or write to a Google Doc in the Cloud (Yun means cloud in Chinese). Use this to sense the temerature and light levels in a room, how many people entered the room  etc.. How effective is your home heating at keeping the room temperature comfortable? Does it get too cold and then too hot? Is it heating the room when there’s no one there?
  • Remote Control IR Robot : (RedBeast + IR Receiver) Connect an IR Receiver to the RedBeast car (or your own robot chassis). Control it with an IR remote control.
  • Remote Control WiFi Robot : (Yún + RedBeast) Connect a Yun to the RedBeast car (or your own robot chassis). Control it with a phone App or a Web Page.
  • Control Arduino from a Web Page: (Uno + CC3000 or Ethernet Shield):  Implement a REST protocol using Server Side node.js e.g.  To Set a Red LED to brightness 34 you might use ~ HINT: See the tutorial HERE.

Beginner’s Projects for Arduino

These are some projects to get you up to speed with Arduino, what it does, how to connect electronic components and how to program it. All projects are within the scope of beginners.Once you’ve got the projects running don’t stop there

Try These Things to Make it Better:

this section at the end of the projects is where you’ll really learn about Arduino and programming and have some fun in the process.


  1. Reaction Timer : SainSmart Kit
  2. Make a Servo Follow a Potentiometer
  3. Control a Servo Using Computer Commands
  4. Decode an Infra-Red Remote Control : SainSmart Kit
  5. Crystal Ball
  6. Crystal Ball : SainSmart Kit Version
  7. Excuse Generator
  8. Excuse Generator : SainSmart Kit Version
  9. Arduino Light Sensitive Bar Graph
  10. Arduino Thermometer with Digital Display
  11. Knock Knock Lock
  12. Arduino 2D Level
  13. Control Arduino from a Web Page
  14. Arduino Serves a Web Page using Forms

Intermediate Projects for Arduino

  1. Capacitive Sensing with Arduino (Make a Beetbox)
  2. Arduino / Raspberry Pi Internet Radio
  3. Flight Simulator with Arduino and Python
  4. Internet Device to Control Lights and Other Home Automation Stuff
  5. Electricity Monitor with Yun / Cloud Support / Temboo and Google Drive

Scratch for Arduino

Other Stuff for Arduino

B.P. Robot Project

B.P. Robot is an interactive robot designed at Coderdojo Limerick.
The project page is HERE.

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