Welcome back to another week of coding here at Coderdojo Limerick. Please read on and don’t forget to book your place by clicking on the Orange button below.

For those of you who are new to coding and are under 12 years please read on below for some important information on Beginners Scratch.

Coolest Projects
While June may seem to be a long way away in these chilly February days remember that the weeks pass by more quickly that it seems. Now is the time to start thinking about a project to bring to the RDS for Coolest Projects 2017.Have a chat with your mentor about what you can do and check out the coolestprojects.org website to get some more information.

The Beginners Scratch sessions are being held now in 4-week blocks of structured lessons aimed at helping your child to master the beginnings of being able to code using the Scratch platform. Once completed, they will be able to continue to work on Scratch projects that interest them, with help available from the Mentors.

This means we will be taking a new group of beginners to start out on Scratch this week so book your place using the button above and join in the fun.

If at all possible, please ensure that you download Scratch from the MIT website onto your own laptop. You can follow this link to do so.

Scratch National Competition
The competition is open to students in primary and second level schools in Ireland, and to students attending after-school coding clubs such as CoderDojo. Projects can be about anything – the only limit is students’ imagination. https://scratch.ics.ie/. Talk to Pam or Eugene on this Saturday to enter your project.

Limerick @ LIT March 4th

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